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Drainage Channels


Drainage Channels are designed with a built in fall and range of edge profiles to accommodate all types of floor finishes. Anchors and leveling blts are provided to ease installations. Length are only limeted by tansporation logistics.

The excellent smooth surface finish of stainless stell provided a self leaning velocity for liquids at very shallow gradients. The self cleansing velocity is 0.75
m/s. Velocities below the figure require manula flashing.

Widths of channels will depends on the splash area belowdischarge quipment of appliance and should be a minimum of 200m wide overall for wash down installations.

The discharge of the drainage channel to flow rate capacity of the outlet gullys.

Discharge of the drainage channel to flow rate capacity of the outlet gully.

Dischare capacities of both channel and gully will re reduced when conveying water born solids. Typical gradients are 1% (1:00) for liquid wate 2% (1.50)
for water borne solids.

The channel edge details will depend on the floor finish, examples being title, resin
or vinyle. Channels can be designed to provided vinyle one side and resin or tile on the other side.

for applications where heavy loads and / or thermal shoch are anticcipated, an expasnion frame around the perimeter is recommneded.

The expansion frame is supplied factory track welded to all profiles.

  Horizontal Channel 1100                                         

Vertical Channel 1001
  1000x200x1001 2000x200x1001 4000x200x1011 5000x200x1011
 A 83mm 83m 83mm 83mm
 B 90mm 100mm 120mm 130mm
 C 1004mm 2007mm 4012mm 5015mm
 D 1054m 2057mm 4162mm 5165mm
 E 1098mm 2101mm 4106mm 5109mm
 F 205mm 205mm 205mm 205mm
 G 299mm 299mm 299mm 299mm
Cold Store Shower Channels

Aluline manufacture a range of stylish stainless cold store channels to suit modern bathrooms and public wet areas. Made from durable 304 Stainless Steel, they are available in lengths from 300mm to 1200mm with standard grate patterns to choose from. We are sure you will be impressed with the overall quality and visaul appeal of out shower channels.

Channels drainage systems for concrete floors and titled floors. A build in fall of 1:200 standard, but falls of 1:100 or other specified falls can be built in at no extra cost constant depth supplied for depth restricted area.

A lower cost version with a 110mm spigot and battle trap i suitable for changing areas of kitchens requiring a floor rate of less than 1.0 liters per second.
Drain Outlet Type  - Linear Channel Drains
Suitability Floor Finishes  - Screened Floors, Titles Floors.
Outlet Angle  - Vertical / Horizontal.
Caps / Grate Material  - Stainless Steel.
Body Meterial  - Stainless Steel.

Floor Channel 500AV

Channel Profile - Vinyle & Tiled Floor

90°18m x 7m Channel
Additional Channel Technical Diagram Specifications
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